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2015 Finalists & Judges

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2014 Finalists & Judges

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2013 Finalists & Committee Members

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Congratulations to our 2015 Winners!

1st – Gina Chavez
2nd – Claudia Russell
3rd – B. Sterling Archer
4th – Annalise Emerick
5th – Brant Croucher
6th – Michael Waid
7th – Andrew Delaney

8th – 15th (Alphabetical Order)

Lili Blessing
Troy Cartwright
Jess Chizuk
Chase Gassaway
Crystal Hariu-Damore
Emily Herring
Kathryn Legendre
Havilah Rand

(In alphabetical order)

Archer, B. Sterling – Austin, TX

Blessing, Lili – Austin, TX

Cartwright, Troy – Dallas, TX

Chavez, Gina – Austin, TX

Chizuk, Jess – Buffalo, NY

Croucher, Brant – Houston, TX

Delaney, Andrew – The Colony, TX

Emerick, Annalise – Nashville, TN

Gassaway, Chase – Austin, TX

Hariu-Damore, Crystal – Livingston, TX

Herring, Emily – San Marcos, TX

Legendre, Kathryn – Austin, TX

Rand, Havilah – Austin, TX

Russell, Claudia – Richmond, CA

Waid, Michael – San Antonio, TX

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