2017 Finalists & Committee

2016 Finalists & Committee

Congratulations to our 2017 Winners!

1st – Andrew Delaney
2nd – Wes Collins
3rd – Jaimee Harris
4th – Chase Gassaway
5th – Nathan Evans Fox
6th – B. Sterling Archer
7th – Lindsay Foote
8th – Keith Larsen

9th – 14th (Alphabetical Order)

Jordi Baizan
Ben Bochner
Joel Curtis
Jen Hajj
Phillip Lee
Alice Wallace

Fifteen singer/songwriters performing 3 songs each on May 6th in beautiful Moravia TX… what a day it will be!

B.Sterling Archer – Austin, TX
Ben Bochner – Eugene, OR
Susan Cattaneo – Medford, MA
Wes Collins – Chapel Hill, NC
Joel Curtis – Louisville, KY
Andrew Delaney – Dallas, TX
Lindsay Foote – Boston, MA
Nathan Evans Fox – Houston, TX
Chase Gassaway – Austin, TX
Jen Hajj – Idyllwild, CA
Jaimee Harris – Austin, TX
Keith Larsen – Grove City, OH
Phillip Lee – Augusta, GA
Alice Wallace – Fullerton, CA
Tara Williamson – Austin, TX

2016 Songwriter Serenade from songwriterserenade on Vimeo.

This video is about 2016 10 Year Anniversary of the Songwriter Serenade Contest. It not only tells the info about the event, but it also showcases the top 15 finalist, as well as showing the winners from the last 10 years.

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